Conflict #13 – Validation

Years ago I worked with a young married couple, “Jack and Jill”, who had conflict with Jack’s father, “Bill”. Bill was a successful businessman. Bill and his wife, “Betty”, had been married for thirty-five years. Jack and Jill… Read More

Conflict #12 – Assertive or Aggressive?

One of my clients is a lovely lady, thoughtful and smart, and well past retirement age. Even in this season of her life, she is willing to improve herself. She says that one of her problems is, “I… Read More

Conflict #11 – Respect

During my many years as therapist and program director at a treatment center for teens, nearly all the kids, especially the ones from inner cities, said the same thing about respect: “You have to respect me before I… Read More

Conflict # 10 – Triggers

We use the word “trigger” to mean something that stimulates a knee-jerk reaction. It can come from the environment, like other people’s behavior; that’s an external trigger. Or it can come from inside, such as a physical pain… Read More

Conflict #9 – I Know What You Want!

Abraham Lincoln was masterful at conflict resolution. In that vein he’s famous for having said, “I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.” During the U.S. Civil War, as in all wars, a major objective was… Read More

Conflict # 8 – Load Up & Defend?

Have you ever been in an argument or a tense conversation, and while the other person was talking, you began to think of your answer? Of course! We’ve all done that. When you’re trying to work out a… Read More

The Power of Suggestion vs. Meditation

Do you like children? If so, and you’ve spent time with them, you know how sweet it is to see a little one, laughing and smiling at you. It’s one of the loveliest feelings in the world. Not… Read More

Conflict, Part 7 – Be Wise When you Share

We all need someone to talk to, when we need to vent our frustrations. It’s not healthy to keep these things to ourselves. But when we share our burdens, we can also be wise in how we do… Read More

Conflict, Part 6 – Multi-Tasking

Have you ever tried to talk to someone about something serious, and felt frustrated when you didn’t have the other person’s full attention? Now, you might think this is no big deal. After all, how often do you… Read More

Conflict, Part 5 – So You’re the Expert?

When you try to resolve conflicts with another person, do you believe yourself to be her equal? Or do you act like the top dog? Let’s say you think you’re top dog, for the sake of argument. As… Read More