The Worry Habit

Two monks were walking to their monastery home in the countryside. After a heavy rain, puddles of water, large and small, dotted the byways. After some time they saw a young woman by the road, staring down at… Read More

Mistakes Are Friends, Part 2

Albert Einstein was not only a brilliant scientist, but also had a wonderful way with words, and is often quoted. One shining example: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we… Read More

Your Mistakes Are Your Friends

Are you hard on yourself when you don’t do as good a job as you believed you should have done? When you make a big mistake … How do you feel? What do you tell yourself? Do you… Read More


As therapist and program director at a teen treatment center, over a period of thirteen years I led thousands of group sessions. Located in northwest Indiana, we played host to hundreds of kids from nearby Gary and Chicago…. Read More

Stop Comparing Yourself

As a kid, did you ever hear a parent say, “Why can’t you be like your brother?” … “Your cousin, Katie, can ride a two-wheeler and she’s only six years old. Why can’t you?” Now that you’re grown,… Read More


It’s being talked about all over the place: technology has us addicted to screens and gadgets. We spend as much, if not more, time with them than with people. Social media, with its ability to draw us into… Read More


One of the greatest stressors in life must be the feeling of failure. And that feeling may be heightened if your successes came early in life, only to fizzle out later on. You’ve heard of child stars whose… Read More

What Counseling is NOT

Through many years of therapy/counseling practice, I’ve heard clients’ stories – not just about their problems, but also about their previous counselors – some of them downright shocking. Because their experiences had such an impact on me, I… Read More


Most of us have experienced stress in the workplace. In fact the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America Survey reports that only 1/3 of Americans surveyed said that they did a very good or excellent job managing… Read More


Performing artists are subject to reviews and criticism throughout their careers. Their experiences differ widely, but there’s one thing they all agree on. While they may not precisely remember their good reviews, they can remember every negative review,… Read More