The Easy Life

Do you know anyone who does not like to be challenged? Do you know someone who distrusts authority figures? What about a person who stays away from groups or organizations that seek to hold him accountable? Thinking back… Read More

Meditation and Health

If you are reading this article, you are probably somewhat open to the idea of meditation. Let us proceed on that assumption. A few years ago, while sitting in a doctor’s waiting room, I watched a short video… Read More


After working for many years in the area of human behavior and relationships, it has become clear that people with problems often base their attitudes, choices and decisions on misconceptions. In many cases misconceptions can color their overall… Read More

The Family Boss

Years ago, my colleagues and I, while working for the same agency, attended a day-long professional retreat. The purpose was to identify problems in our practice and to build cohesiveness. At one point we were asked to reply… Read More


“Chill out! Get a grip! Snap out of it!” We might hear others say it to us, we might say it to others, or to ourselves. Nearly all of us, at some might or other, might feel stressed… Read More

Emotional Intelligence

It can be argued that human behavior is largely determined by the effect of emotion on thinking; in fact this question has been debated by philosophers for centuries and by psychologists for many decades. Of course we would… Read More

Do the Work!

Today’s media bombards us with ads for products that claim to improve health, reduce weight, etc. One of those products is in the form of a capsule that allegedly contains all the daily requirements of vegetables and fruits…. Read More

Staying Positive

You may know the old saying about the daily news business: “If it bleeds, it leads.” That is how the news business operates. On any given day news reports focus first and foremost on a tragedy. The more… Read More

To Resist or Not to Resist

“What you resist, persists.” When you have an unpleasant feeling, an ongoing problem or when you find yourself in a bad situation, how do you address it? For example if you’re bothered by constant worry, do you try… Read More


A current client (call him “Bill”) is grieving the loss of a loved one (call her “Jane”) who had been suffering greatly for years with severe emotional problems. Jane’s tragic and dramatic passing need not be discussed here…. Read More