You DO Have Options!

Throughout our lives we are called upon to make countless decisions. In some cases we have seemingly few choices; in others, like when we’re dining at a national chain restaurant, the menu seems almost endless. The freedom to… Read More


Healthy relationships require good communication. Since 2001 I’ve worked with countless couples and families who can’t resolve their problems on their own. The most common complaint is, “We don’t communicate”. The female of the species is usually the… Read More


Throughout the world, the great teachings have warned us not to pass judgment on other people. Rather than judging and criticizing people destructively, we are urged to show mercy and compassion. The Jewish law states (Leviticus 19:15) that… Read More

To Live Together … Or Not

At the time of this writing, March, 2016, more than half of all married couples are choosing to live together before marrying. Early in the 20th Century the number was virtually zero. It kind of makes sense, this… Read More


Here’s a question for you: After infidelity, how is trust regained? This question is relevant today because infidelity appears to be on the increase and the opportunities and methods of cheating have risen dramatically. Typically it has been… Read More

Bad Company

Not long ago, one of America’s cable news networks aired an interview with two members of the family that produced President John F. Kennedy, and Senators Robert and Ted Kennedy. If you follow the news you have probably… Read More

Who Do You Trust?

Have you ever made a mistake in a relationship? Have you hurt or misjudged someone? Have you ever experienced disappointment or betrayal? Whether you’ve been on the giving or the receiving end, you might find this information valuable…. Read More

Are Parents to Blame?

Are Parents to Blame? If you are a mom or a dad, have you ever wondered whether you have any influence over your children? Chances are that thought has, indeed, crossed your mind, especially if your child has… Read More

Unhealthy Relationships

Unhealthy Relationships Many of us have experienced the emotional pain of an unhealthy relationship. Maybe we knew something was wrong, but couldn’t quite explain why. The following is adapted from a questionnaire called “Toxic Relationships”, to which I’ve… Read More


forgiveness valparaiso

Years ago in the feature film “A Bronx Tale”, directed by and starring Robert DeNiro, a teenage boy, the son of DeNiro’s character, is being mentored by the local mob boss, Sonny. At one point the boy sees… Read More