Focus & Listen

Have you ever had trouble communicating with another person? Can you read body language and can you empathize? Have you experienced misunderstandings? Do you have difficulty expressing yourself? If you’ve experienced any such things, how have they contributed… Read More

The Cost of Infidelity

Everyone is clued-in to the obvious costs of infidelity. Divorce, loss of reputation, money problems, etc. When children are involved, problems increase. When the extended family and friends find out, there’s more trouble. If the cheater is a… Read More

But … I LOVE Him!

Counselors who work with people in bad relationships hear all sorts of stories. But there’s one story that pops up surprisingly often. If you watch daytime talk shows, you’ve heard it. He is verbally and physically abusive, emotionally… Read More

Dump Your Garbage

Suppose your home was filled with huge plastic bags and trash cans overflowing with garbage that had been building up throughout your life. Thinking about it now, you can imagine the stench. But if you were in that… Read More

How to Build Trust

These tips are about building bridges between people. For the purposes of this article, I use “friend” to mean anyone with whom we choose to develop trust.   Honesty and Integrity – With others and with yourself –… Read More

Building a Relationship

Imagine that building a relationship is like building something material. A house, a car, a business or career. Kind of weird, isn’t it? To actually give serious thought to building a relationship on a solid foundation? Who does… Read More

Love Vs. Trust

I meet with a couple who is struggling through a betrayal. He cheated. She is crushed. It’s been many months, and she can’t forgive, much less forget. Nearly every day a thought enters her mind, something like, ‘is… Read More