Problems such as anxiety and depression respond very well to changes in behavior, attitude and thinking. In fact, mental and behavioral health providers agree on this point – medication alone is not enough.

In one particular area the research evidence is overwhelming: physical exercise reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. It is also well known that overuse of caffeine makes anxiety worse, and overuse of alcohol and other depressant drugs makes depression worse.

The benefit you can derive from taking charge of your problems is two-fold. First, you experience relief, whether you are using medications or not. Second, the experience of feeling relief as a result of your direct and deliberate efforts is therapeutic in itself. It helps you feel in control, empowered and hopeful. This feeling of “I can do this” – and not just once, but I can do this over and over – has wonderful healing power.

What makes it hard for a person to take charge? It’s hard to say, since every case is unique. However, there might be one feature that all obstacles have in common: fear.

The fear of change. The fear that the change might not last – you backslide, and then you feel even worse. The fear that you won’t be supported by others, or that you won’t be believed. 

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