The Power of Suggestion vs. Meditation

Do you like children? If so, and you’ve spent time with them, you know how sweet it is to see a little one, laughing and smiling at you. It’s one of the loveliest feelings in the world. Not only is the child having fun, but so are you.

Now, I love teaching people to relax; to really, truly let go and settle way down in a way they may have never experienced. They love it, too. And when that happens, for me, it’s something like the joy of seeing a little child laughing and smiling.

I learned to meditate in 1971. This ancient practice, which has been used in many different cultures, east and west, literally changed my life. It’s taken decades, but doctors finally realized that meditation can do wonders to help people with health problems, and lots of doctors now recommend it to their patients; for example, after a major surgery, to help the mind and body relax and heal up more quickly.

Since I added the power of suggestion and auto-suggestion to my practice, things have gotten interesting. Not only do I teach my clients to relax through meditation, but I also use the power of suggestion and auto-suggestion to help them address personal problems.

Because of my long history with meditation, I’ve learned that meditation and the power of suggestion might seem similar, but they work differently. One of my clients explained that in a recent session, and she agreed to make a recording in order to help others understand the difference.

Here it is:

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Thanks for reading!