Most of us have experienced stress in the workplace. In fact the American Psychological Association’s annual Stress in America Survey reports that only 1/3 of Americans surveyed said that they did a very good or excellent job managing stress.

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What’s more, a variety of reports have shown that, at any given time, about 70% of Americans don’t enjoy their work. That fact alone is bound to create stress.

The health impacts of stress are well-known. You may have felt them yourself. Headaches, gastro-intestinal problems, muscle tension. Even more common, there’s inadequate sleep, weight gain, irritability, feelings of low self-esteem, being stuck and doubting your ability to improve your situation. A low mood can even damage your immune system, making it easier for nasty germs to take hold.

Depression is on the rise. Is there any wonder, with so many Americans feeling down, five days of the week? According to Harvard Medical School, in its official 2011 publication, the increased use of antidepressant medications is “astounding”.

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The Scientific American reported in 2016 that 1 in 6 Americans take a psychiatric medication.

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Also in 2016 The New York Times reported an increase in deaths from overdosing on anti-anxiety medications.

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Do you ever take your workplace stress home with you? Does workplace stress affect your family life? Your friendships? Your social life?

If this is true for you, there’s good news. An increasing body of powerful and convincing  evidence supports the benefits of non-medication treatments for stress, anxiety and depressed moods. Treatments with no side-effects, no prescriptions, low or no-cost, and easy to put into action.

I have made stress management a specialty of mine, and have been leading stress management workshops since 2004, as well as successfully treating stress disorders in my private practice.

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