A Voice That Cares

A new approach to solving personal problems

Are you stressed?

If you are, and if it’s affecting your well-being and happiness, please keep reading. You’re about to find out how 1-click can start you on the road to stress relief.

Help is available – Here and Now

Millions of people with personal problems have gotten help and done well for a while. Unfortunately, the help didn’t always stick. They lost weight, but gained it back. They quit smoking, but relapsed when stress piled up. Why did they fail? They failed because they stopped using the program that helped them. And why did they stop using the program?

The people who didn’t stay on track did not change their mind-set. A Voice That Cares will help you stay on track by helping you use your mind in a new and powerful way.

This creative approach provides 24-7 support to help you solve problems and, more importantly, to stay on track. As many of us know, staying on track is the hard part.

The Mission, the Hope, the Method

A Voice That Cares is a Subscription Membership Program that offers audio recordings, using the power of positive suggestion and auto-suggestion, aimed at providing solutions and helping the user to stay on track. Listening to a recording is as easy as clicking your mouse.

The Mission of A Voice That Cares is to offer affordable and easy help for personal problems.

The Hope is that some day, all people who have personal problems will have access to help.

The Method is to provide online services – especially to those who cannot afford the high cost of professional help, and those who live far from qualified providers.

Does it work? Listen to what one of my clients has to say.

Robert Kallus Therapy

Some people might think that the power of suggestion is a form of mind control. The fact is, the opposite is the case. During these recordings, you are in complete control because you are free to accept or reject any suggestion. The recordings also invite you to create your own suggestions by means of auto-suggestion. A Voice That Cares makes it easy to give yourself helpful suggestions throughout your day to remind you to stay on track. Eventually, this can become a habit you’ll want to keep.

Are you wondering if this is for real? And if it actually works? If so, you might want to do an internet search for the power of suggestion and auto-suggestion. One study may support it, while another challenges it. That is not unusual. But that’s not what matters.

What really matters is, could this work for you?

Here’s how you can find out:

The 14-Day Trial for $7.00: An Audio Recording on Stress Relief

Register for a 14-Day trial to listen to a sample recording as often as you wish. If the recording helps you, you might want to subscribe for one month or one year.

Coming soon, additional recordings will appear to address a variety of problems. If you have more than one problem (worry and insomnia, or you smoke and you’re overweight) you can subscribe to multiple recordings. Sign up monthly or for a year. Or, you can subscribe annually for one series, but subscribe monthly to a different series.

14-Day Trial
$7 for 14 days
A Sample Audio Recording on Stress Relief
24/7 Access for 14 Days
Monthly Subscription
$18 / month
Stress Relief
24/7 Access to Audio Recordings
Automatic Subscription Renewal
Private Weekly Newsletter
Cancel Anytime!
Yearly Subscription
$180 / year
Stress Relief
Best Value!
24/7 Access to Audio Recordings
Automatic Subscription Renewal
Private Weekly Newsletter

A portion of the proceeds from this Subscription Program will be donated to
Women Veteran Social Justice and Disabled American Veterans.
Thank you, and look forward to future recordings that could help you or someone you know.

robert-kallus-valparaiso-indiana-300x279Robert Kallus, LMFT
Valparaiso, Indiana
Robert Kallus Certificate

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