EMDR Therapy

Is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Or Other Trauma-Related Emotional Issues) Affecting Your Life?

Do you suffer from painful memories as a result of a traumatic experience? Do you want to resolve those memories rather than live with the trauma?

You may believe your traumatic situation is permanently etched in your mind, with no solution or any way to resolve it. Perhaps you experienced sexual abuse as a child or adult, witnessed a crime, or survived an accident or act of violence. The memories may be affecting you to the point that you can’t focus on work, your family, or other responsibilities at hand. You may experience nightmares or flashbacks in which you relive the traumatic experience over and over again, or you may find yourself easily triggered by specific images, people, sounds, smells, or situations.

You may be afraid that you’ll never be able to live a normal life and that you’ll always need to be on guard against potential triggers and harmful memories. Maybe you wish you could forget whatever happened, but you don’t know if that’s possible.

Do you wonder if there is a way to manage your trauma so you can enjoy life? Are you ready to work with a specialist who can help you learn to resolve the traumatic memories and enjoy the feeling of peace and calm that everyone deserves?

Many People Deal With Unprocessed Emotional Trauma

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is common in many adults. Whether they are war veterans or abuse survivors, trauma is a real condition that affects not only the brain but can also manifest physically. Some people may find themselves unintentionally recoiling at certain points of physical contact or when hearing a certain noise or expression that was used during the traumatic event. Trauma can also show in other responses that you cannot control.

All of this is a normal outcome of being traumatized, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. Sadly, to some people, it doesn’t even occur to ask for help. They may believe that the only way to fix themselves is to forget about it, or try to undo the trauma, which is impossible.

While it’s not always possible to forget painful memories, you can learn to move past them in order to have a normal life. Working with a licensed therapist who specializes in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy can help you to find relief from the impact of trauma. This realization often comes as a pleasant surprise to those who think they are beyond help. You, too, can experience such relief with the help of therapy. And you can learn to be fully present for all the good moments to come.

EMDR Therapy Has A Long Track Record Of Success In The Treatment of Trauma Survivors

EMDR treatment is a practice that empowers people to find healing from trauma. Many mental health professionals believe that treating trauma requires long courses of therapy, but this isn’t always the case. There are numerous studies and testimonials from patients that prove the effectiveness of EMDR therapy. In fact, many trauma survivors reported experiencing relief in a shorter period of time, as compared to clients who used traditional “talk therapy” only.

The therapeutic process involves the client purposely recalling traumatic memories as the therapist directs eye movements, usually by moving his or her hand left to right in front of the client’s eyes, and asking the client to “follow my fingers.” Other varieties of stimuli can also be used, such as hand tapping and audio stimulation. As the traumatic memory is brought to attention, the brain begins to notice that the memory is less disturbing. New associations form between the traumatic memories and the adaptive memories. These “adjusted memories” are meant to eliminate symptoms of emotional distress and develop new, healthier insights and responses.

An important concept of EMDR therapy is that the mind can heal from mental and emotional wounds just as the body can heal from physical wounds—provided that the wound is treated properly. Given the right opportunity, our brains are wired to seek health, but that doesn’t happen when opportunities for healing are blocked. Trauma is what creates these blocks, but EMDR therapy can help remove them.

EMDR therapy has helped many trauma survivors find relief from PTSD after just a few 90-minute sessions. For people who have endured multiple traumatic events, the healing process can take a bit longer. But the one common denominator between all these groups of trauma survivors is this: EMDR therapy has greatly improved their lives. Based on data from the American Psychiatric Association to the World Health Organization and the Department of Defense, EMDR has a long track record of successful results.

Best of all, EMDR therapy isn’t just for trauma survivors; it can help people with all kinds of emotional problems. No matter what hardship you have experienced, an EMDR therapist can help you live a healthier, better life.

You May Have Some Concerns About EMDR Therapy…

EMDR sounds like a quick fix to my problems.

Every case is unique. Some traumas or trauma-related problems are more complex and require more sessions than others. Rest assured, the evidence for EMDR’s effectiveness speaks for itself. The process not only works, it changes lives.

Isn’t this merely a gimmick or a fad?

EMDR has pages and pages of peer-reviewed research and testimonials that prove its success. From assault survivors to combat veterans, many people from all walks of life have found relief from the trauma that burdens them.

I don’t want to remember the trauma. I just want to keep it buried.

It takes courage to enter into therapy in the first place, and it’s possible that some people are not ready to undertake that work. Only you can know if you are ready for it. If you aren’t ready just yet, that’s completely fine. No one should pressure you into it.

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