Forgive Yourself

Have you ever done something so wrong or so misguided that you couldn’t live it down? If so, how did you deal with it? Did you feel guilty or ashamed? Did you try to bury it way back… Read More


Obsession is a state of being during which an idea or thought continually dominates a person’s mental state, actions and emotions. Is obsession always a bad thing? Not necessarily. Thomas Edison was obsessed with the goal of inventing… Read More


The inability to anticipate negative consequences can lead to serious problems. A female client, “Jackie”, was in a toxic relationship with a mentally unbalanced man, “Jake”, whom  she idolized when she was a teen. While Jackie and Jake… Read More

Hijacking Your Brain

If advertising didn’t have the power to influence our beliefs and our buying an d voting  decisions, it would not exist. But it does exist, and it’s a very profitable business. One man, Edward Bernays, is largely responsible…. Read More


When we are facing a problem, clear thinking is essential. Confusion must be eliminated. If you have ever been confused when addressing a tough issue, you know that the stress surrounding the issue increases when we are unable… Read More


Many of us have felt it. ‘It’ too much. ‘I  can’t cope. The weight of the world is coming down on me.’ Some people panic; others feel depressed or angry. Still others just give up. One factor seems… Read More

Having It All

“Nothing important was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.” Think about your work life. If you were to spread your interests too thin, wouldn’t it be impossible to  focus and be enthusiastic about one thing, and to become expert at… Read More

Don’t Be a Jerk!

The knee-jerk reaction: an uncontrolled, automatic physical response to a stimulus. This term is also used for automatic, uncontrolled speech and behavior. Obviously, the actual knee-jerk is truly uncontrollable. However, in the area of speech and behavior, that… Read More


He just does not get it. Dylan and his wife, Starla May, are living their lives, raising the kids, working, and mainly on auto-pilot. He’s doing fine, as far as he is concerned. He works hard, long hours… Read More


In my book, YOU CAN WORK IT OUT! – Skills and Wisdom for Conflict Resolution in Relationships, specific proven-effective skills are provided that can help anyone communicate effectively and settle disagreements. Having taught these skills for nearly twenty… Read More