A Mind in Chaos

Chaos: a state of utter confusion or disorder; a total lack of organization or order. Order: a state of clarity, organization, stability, structure and predictability. Is it possible to live a life of fulfillment if one’s brain and… Read More

Pillow Thoughts

“Do not let the sun go down on your anger…” – Ephesians 4:26 Whether or not you believe in the God of the Bible, this advice can help you.  Dr. Martin Seligman, who is officially recognized as one… Read More

Emotional Starvation

“Do not shop for food when you’re hungry.” A young couple came for therapy. Their story was a soap opera. Abused and abandoned by her father, she developed low self-esteem, believing no one cared about her or loved… Read More

Giving Vs. Holding Back

Ecclesiastes, 3 To everything there is a season, A time for every purpose under heaven: A time to be born, And a time to die; A time to plant, And a time to pluck what is planted; A time to kill, And a… Read More


The degree of your mental and emotional stress depends almost completely on the workings of your mind. This truth is acknowledged throughout the world in many cultures. It is not what happens in our lives that affects us;… Read More

The Stress Reaction

Fight! Flight! Freeze! These are three ways we react to a threat. Whether we are facing a threat that is real and present, or we are worried that something bad might happen, our brains and bodies respond immediately… Read More

Verify Your Therapist

Anyone seeking counseling, psychotherapy or life coaching is entitled to know whether the practitioner can really help. Have you ever put your trust in a helping professional who claimed expertise … only to discover that (s)he was a… Read More

Finding the Real You

“No one ever lay on his death bed and thought, ‘I wish I’d spent more time at work.’” If your favorite pastimes are something like making lots of money, “hanging out”, being a couch potato (or couch zucchini),… Read More


“You can observe a lot just by watching.” – Yogi Berra I think we can all agree that education is important. That is certainly true, when the source is a reliable school, which conveys facts and truth in… Read More