To Resist or Not to Resist

“What you resist, persists.” When you have an unpleasant feeling, an ongoing problem or when you find yourself in a bad situation, how do you address it? For example if you’re bothered by constant worry, do you try… Read More


A current client (call him “Bill”) is grieving the loss of a loved one (call her “Jane”) who had been suffering greatly for years with severe emotional problems. Jane’s tragic and dramatic passing need not be discussed here…. Read More


Consider, among many problems, one particular problem that most people may never think about. The media, big business and government spew an endless stream of messages intended to influence our behavior, and especially our buying choices. This is… Read More

Hasty Judgments

The hostile tone which pervades the spirit of our times is prompting people to react negatively to newsworthy events and to reach conclusions – before knowing the facts – which are based on hearsay and lies. This year,… Read More

Outside Influences

Do you allow other people to unduly influence your decisions, actions or beliefs? If so, and if this has ever created discomfort for you, you might find this article useful. Our response to the influence of other people… Read More

Talk to Me!

Observing the social behavior of both sexes, you can see the truth of the following statement: barring the rare exception, men bond with others by doing, whereas women bond with others by talking. A common problem in the… Read More

Crisis & Recovery

While recovery is most commonly thought of in connection with addictions, a non-addict with a troubled past may also need to experience recovery. Some examples include survivors of abuse, neglect, domestic violence and criminal victimization, among a host… Read More


We live in turbulent times. Across virtually every culture and nation, people and groups who hold opposing views, running from one extreme to the other, have created division and conflict. In the United States alone, the polarization of… Read More

Problems, Problems

How do personal problems arise, how are they maintained and what does it take to solve them? In the helping professions theories abound regarding all three of these questions. In this article we look at how relationship problems… Read More

The Big Picture

It has been said that poor people plan their lives one day at a time, while rich people plan in terms of decades. One very common thread that appears to run through people’s problems is that life stressors… Read More