Conflict # 47 – “One Down” Wins

A big ego can block conflict resolution. Now, just to be clear, in this case “big ego” refers to the need be on top, to be the center of attention, the “winner”. So, how can we approach such… Read More

Conflict # 46 – The No-Win Conflict

Thinking of the conflicts throughout your life, have you ever made a bad decision that added fuel to the fire? I’m referring to one particular bad decision; that is, the decision to keep addressing a conflict over which… Read More

Conflict # 45 – The Impact of Trauma

Psychological trauma has far-reaching effects. So that we’re on the same page, let’s be clear: what is trauma, actually? Psychological trauma is a condition, in response to a past event(s) that leave the victim with painful feelings, memories,… Read More

Conflict # 44 – Trust Your Gut

“Things are not always what they appear to be. People are not always who they appear to be.” The conflicts we encounter with others are often a result of one or all of the parties not seeing things… Read More

Conflict # 43 – Just Look at Yourself!

Effective conflict resolution demands a calm demeanor and clear thinking. But stressful feelings get in the way and make it difficult to see oneself accurately. This is a problem. Now, first of all … do you agree that… Read More

Conflict # 42 – Failed Attempts

You try to resolve a conflict, only to fail time after time. You and the other person go round and round, and never get anywhere. It’s the same old story. What is going on with this?! Could it… Read More

Conflict # 41 – The Trouble with ‘Why’

Years ago, I provided counseling to a fifteen year-old boy; call him “Skip”. His parents, “Chad” and “Juanita”, put him into our treatment center to address his anger, depression, bad behavior and poor school work. A few months… Read More

Conflict # 40 – Looking Good

You probably know that having “a short fuse” refers to someone who is quickly angered. Since anger fuels conflict, we might wonder, what fuels anger. The answer? Lots of things. In this case let’s look at the mother… Read More

Conflict # 39 – Carrot or Stick?

Shall we assume you’re interested in improving your conflict management skills? If so, and if you’re honest, you have already concluded that something about your behavior and attitude has to change. Right? Good. Let’s go on, then. Think… Read More

Conflict # 38 – Roadblocks

Kristie and Dustin argue daily. About everything. Money. Child-rearing. Family relations. They fuss and fume, never get anywhere, and can’t figure out why. You know Murphy’s Law. If something can go wrong, it will go wrong. Every conflict… Read More