Building a Relationship

Imagine that building a relationship is like building something material. A house, a car, a business or career. Kind of weird, isn’t it? To actually give serious thought to building a relationship on a solid foundation? Who does… Read More


There’s one in every crowd. Maybe even one in every family. It might be someone close to you: your mom, dad or your spouse. It could be a pushy aunt or uncle, a scheming co-worker or someone at… Read More


Well over two thousand years ago, Socrates advised, “Know yourself.” This could mean different things to different folks. To determine what this means to you, think of two sides of yourself: your personality and your character. Since some… Read More


One of my clients, “Doug”, is a thirty year-old unmarried police officer. Doug is an only child from a small family. His primary pastime is physical exercise, and he has no hobbies, no close friends, and has very… Read More

Processing Your Experience

Everyone has bad experiences. Whenever bad experiences fall upon us, each of us will process those experiences in his or her own unique way, based on previous experience and on his or her personality. Some of us tend… Read More

The Needy Parent

In previous articles I have said that the marital relationship is the most important relationship in a family. [Blended families are a separate problem, because a parent’s loyalty and devotion to his or her children may be greater… Read More

Love Vs. Trust

I meet with a couple who is struggling through a betrayal. He cheated. She is crushed. It’s been many months, and she can’t forgive, much less forget. Nearly every day a thought enters her mind, something like, ‘is… Read More

The Insecure Parent

Several years ago a couple came for counseling over a period of two years. They were middle-aged, fairly successful and had a very bright teen-aged son, who excelled at school and adored his parents. The mom had multiple… Read More

A Bedtime Wonder

Heart attacks occur on Monday mornings more than at any other time of the week. It’s no wonder. National surveys show that most Americans dislike their jobs. Every week, Sunday night rolls into Monday morning, and these folks… Read More


Don’t you just love it when people use the same old tired sayings that everyone else does? What’s even worse is the occasions when they pull them out as you’re going through a tough time. A loved one… Read More