Many of my clients have been kind enough to say what they appreciate about the work we have done together.

If they’ve seen therapists in the past, they may report that those therapists helped them somewhat – but in some cases, the client was not satisfied. They may disclose one of the more disappointing things about those experiences. That is, all the therapist did was to talk. If they also tell me the therapist talked too much about herself / himself – and this has happened more than once – I have to stop myself from rolling my eyes. One client actually told me that her previous therapist fell asleep during a session.

To be honest, talk therapy does have its place, and can be very effective. However, clients seeking help usually want something more. They often use the word, “tools”, to say what they need. Tools for stress management, problem-solving, communication and conflict resolution.

The tools they learn through our work together are what differentiates my practice from that of other therapists.  Practice, practice, practice is the key. When my clients do practice and regularly apply these tools, they sreport being very pleased with the results. They say that they feel more calm, less stressed, and more free.

Now, there is one important thing to consider. Communication and conflict resolution tools will not work for you, while you’re feeling upset and not thinking clearly. Before using those tools, do whatever you can to put yourself in a calm, balanced state of mind and body. There’s a lot to be said about this, and I would love to help you learn to achieve that state and to use my tools.

I am ready to help you, if you are willing to learn ways of thinking and behaving, which are virtually guaranteed – if you use them regularly – to help you gain the happiness and freedom you desire.

To learn more, please call 219-309-3928. I’d be honored to be of service.

Thanks for reading!