Many of my clients have been kind enough to say what they appreciate about the work we have done together. If they’ve seen therapists in the past, they may report that those therapists helped them somewhat – but… Read More

Online Counseling

In recent years, online counseling, or teletherapy, has gradually become more common and accepted. And then COVID-19 quickened the move toward online counseling. Even before Indiana’s stay-at-home order was in place in response to the pandemic, I had… Read More

A Flexible Mind

Do you remember the saying, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Sure, we all know that one. However, not so fast. As you read on, you’ll learn that this old adage is not always true. The… Read More

Your Own Cage

In Eastern Asia, elephants are trained to be beasts of burden, just as mules and oxen are in the west. From a young age, baby elephants are fitted with an ankle cuff, attached to a chain, which is… Read More

The Needy Parent

In previous articles I have said that the marital relationship is the most important relationship in a family. [Blended families are a separate problem, because a parent’s loyalty and devotion to his or her children may be greater… Read More

The Insecure Parent

Several years ago a couple came for counseling, and they subsequently worked with me over a period of two years. They were middle-aged, fairly successful and had a very bright teen-aged son, who excelled at school and adored… Read More

Predictability & Anxiety

As a therapist, I have observed that most people who have anxiety complain of a low tolerance for uncertainty. Not knowing what’s going to happen in a given situation is liable to make them uncomfortable, anxious or even… Read More


If you struggle to make smart decisions, please read on.


In a recent session with a married couple, the wife told me that her husband sometimes comes home from work feeling grouchy. He can’t seem to blow off enough steam, he just keeps venting. She tells him to… Read More


Our beliefs determine our decisions, thoughts and behavior. A client of mine who suffers from anxiety recently told me that his positive state of mind can turn negative if the slightest thing goes wrong. Over several sessions he… Read More