Pillow Thoughts

“Do not let the sun go down on your anger…” – Ephesians 4:26 Whether or not you believe in the God of the Bible, this advice can help you.  Dr. Martin Seligman, who is officially recognized as one… Read More

Emotional Starvation

“Do not shop for food when you’re hungry.” A young couple came for therapy. Their story was a soap opera. Abused and abandoned by her father, she developed low self-esteem, believing no one cared about her or loved… Read More


The degree of your mental and emotional stress depends almost completely on the workings of your mind. This truth is acknowledged throughout the world in many cultures. It is not what happens in our lives that affects us;… Read More


Many of us have felt it. ‘It’ too much. ‘I  can’t cope. The weight of the world is coming down on me.’ Some people panic; others feel depressed or angry. Still others just give up. One factor seems… Read More

Others’ Opinions

Do you know anyone who tends to get seriously bent out of shape when he hears an opinion he doesn’t like? Maybe it’s even happened within your circle of friends and family. These days so many people are… Read More

Crisis & Recovery

While recovery is most commonly thought of in connection with addictions, a non-addict with a troubled past may also need to experience recovery. Some examples include survivors of abuse, neglect, domestic violence and criminal victimization, among a host… Read More

Never Enough

Over one hundred years ago, America’s most famous multi-millionaire, John D. Rockefeller, was asked, “How much money is enough for you?” His answer was, “Just one more dollar.” A current client is grappling with a troubling issue. He… Read More

Mind and Body

One theme which appears in the reports of many of my clients is that they do not always understand their emotions, and they do not realize how that lack of understanding can lead to unhappiness. Men are especially… Read More


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson What a wonderful thought about enthusiasm; and the same could be said about curiosity. The purpose of this article is to consider problems like anxiety and depression,… Read More


Many of my clients have been kind enough to say what they appreciate about the work we have done together. If they’ve seen therapists in the past, they may report that those therapists helped them somewhat – but… Read More