Warning Signs

Some problems are caused by powers beyond our control. But other problems are the product of our own errors. One such error is the refusal to acknowledge and to accept reality.

Let’s take a hypothetical couple – call them Dick and Jane. During the engagement period, Dick has an affair on the side with one of Jane’s girl friends. Jane finds out, Dick stops the affair, he’s so sorry, he feels so guilty … she feels badly for him, and after she gets past the initial anger and hurt, she decides to marry him. One year later, she notices pornography on his cell phone. She also sees texts with another woman, flirting and planning a meeting.

She is pregnant and emotionally vulnerable. And what could she be thinking, now?

This situation is not unusual. I’ve seen it often. It’s one of many scenarios which involve signals from another person, from circumstances … from the weather … which seem to be telling us, “Slow down and think. Look at what is really happening.”

What makes people ignore red flags? The ding-ding-ding and flashing lights at the railroad intersection? The physical signs of an illness? Is it denial? Fear of bad news? Doubt in one’s ability to make solid judgments? Stubbornness? Refusal to believe that you’re powerless to do anything about it?

This kind of inaccurate thinking can happen to anyone, regardless of their intelligence, educational level or profession. The news is full of stories about the rich and famous whose blunders ruined their lives. 

If you’ve been denying a hard reality, and if you realize what it’s costing you … if you’re sick and tired of being hurt or making bad decisions … and if you’re ready to take a leap of faith … don’t hesitate to call for a free consultation. The number is 219-309-3928. I’d be honored to be of service.

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