Action Creates Mood

“What are you in the mood for? Chinese food? Pizza? Mac and cheese?” Everybody, at least in our culture, has had this experience. In ordinary everyday situations, we let our mood – which has to do with emotions – dictate our actions.

This is no big deal, unless we also allow mood to dictate more important decisions, such as doing our taxes on time.

In fact some people have to be ‘in the mood’ in order to get up off their behinds and do anything, They procrastinate, make up excuses, etc. etc.

This ineffective habit is based on the misconception that, in order to do something that requires effort, you have to be in the mood to do it. In other words my mood is the boss of my actions and decisions. Another way of saying it is that my emotions are in charge of me.

If that describes your position, ask yourself this question: Is that the way I want to live my life? Am I willing to be a slAVe to my emotions? Will I live by the belief that I will never do anything unless I feel like doing it? If so, how would that work out?

Anyone with a grain of sense can see that this is a ridiculous idea. And yet, if any counselor would tell you about the bad decisions their clients make, based on emotion and impulse, you would hardly believe it. 

The good news is the there is good news. Virtually anyone who allows his decisions to be based on emotion and impulse can change that pattern. In order to do so, (s)he must accept one truth about human behavior and emotion. That is, that, not only do emotions lead to actions, but actions can actually affect our emotions. For example it has been well known for many centuries that physical exercise, even a brisk walk, can lift a person’s mood. For many people, talking to a good friend can lift your mood. Sometimes it takes a good cry to help a person feel better.

And yet, people can be so stubborn and unwilling to try something new. Even if they believe the evidence that behavior affects mood, some people flatly refuse to put that belief into practice.

If this is meaningful to you, if it’s created a problem for you, and if you’re ready to change that pattern, this may be the right time to get going.  Do not wait until you feel like it. Take action! If you’d like to work with a professional on this problem, feel free to reach out. The phone number is (219) 309-3928. I’d be thrilled to work with you.

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