We, the members of the human race, have always loved stories. In fact, the people of every culture, going as far back as we care to go, have created myths and legends about good guys and bad guys,… Read More

Hard Things

Big business provides millions of people with good jobs and benefits, and it rewards invention and innovation, which is often good for the world. However, big business does have its dark side. There are many facets to this… Read More

Silence the Inner Critic

People who suffer from emotional troubles such as depression, anxiety and low self-esteem tend to have negative thoughts about nearly everything, including themselves. They say that from their early youth, influential people have been critical and negative toward… Read More

To Catch a Monkey

There is an old story that originates from the other side of the world, about a foolproof method for capturing monkeys. Here’s how it goes. After many failed attempts at capturing monkeys, a band of hunters hit upon… Read More

Mind and Body

One theme which appears in the reports of many of my clients is that they do not always understand their emotions, and they do not realize how that lack of understanding can lead to unhappiness. Men are especially… Read More

Don’t Be Fooled

The purpose of this article is to offer the idea that institutions – governments. schools and organized religion, among many others – have never had the power to change human nature. Institutions, however, do foster changes in behavior… Read More


Many of my clients take prescription medications for anxiety or depression. All of these medications are known by brand names, as well as generic names, and it can be hard to remember them. Consequently, some of my clients… Read More


For many years a lot of humor has been made of the fact that men can’t commit to a relationship. They just can’t see themselves putting their time, love and energy into one person for the rest of… Read More

Restriction & Creativity

You might know some people who dislike rules and have a problem with authority. They resist any attempt to restrict their ability to do what they want, when they want. Others are rule-followers, they trust authority and put… Read More


“Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson What a wonderful thought about enthusiasm; and the same could be said about curiosity. The purpose of this article is to consider problems like anxiety and depression,… Read More