The Big Picture

It has been said that poor people plan their lives one day at a time, while rich people plan in terms of decades. One very common thread that appears to run through people’s problems is that life stressors… Read More

Stay on Task!

If you watch or listen to any media that contains advertisements, you have heard commercials and other messages telling us all kinds of lies, as if they’re true. For example: ” We know you need dependable TV 24/7.” … Read More


The inability to express one’s feelings and to talk about one’s difficult experiences can create problems which will not merely fade away. As one writer put it, “Emotions are not biodegradable.” Two clients, a married couple – call… Read More


A middle-aged female client, whose profession is to advise college students at a major state university, is under a lot of stress. Her supervisor has added to her duties, her house needs cosmetic repairs in order to make… Read More

Never Enough

Over one hundred years ago, America’s most famous multi-millionaire, John D. Rockefeller, was asked, “How much money is enough for you?” His answer was, “Just one more dollar.” A current client is grappling with a troubling issue. He… Read More

Learning from Mistakes

“Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it.” – George Santayana Apart from private practice, over a period of twelve years, I provided many thousands of hours of individual, group and family therapy at a… Read More

Beyond Limitations

Have you ever had doubts about yourself? Your ability to do well in school or at work, to have a healthy relationship, to make smart decisions and to solve problems? If so, you’re not alone. History tells us… Read More


As we move through the COVID-19 pandemic, hardly a day goes by without some public mention of masks.  You are hereby invited to take a minute to think about masks in general; not just as an item of… Read More


Are you excessively anxious about your health, to the point that it makes you feel exhausted, depressed or panicked? Is it affecting your quality of life? If so, you are not alone. With the coming of the COVID-19… Read More

Parents vs. Kids

it goes without saying that every child wants and needs to have a mom and dad to respect and admire. Someone who is strong and mature, self-controlled and decisive, and who will look after them. Kids don’t want… Read More