Nineteen years of experience, including fourteen years as therapist and Program Director at a treatment center for teens, have have provided me with knowledge and understanding of relationship problems. Foremost among those problems are the ever-present difficulties in communication and conflict resolution.

The skills and knowledge contained in my new book are sure to help you apply wisdom to your relationship issues. When you practice the skills, you will be pleased to find that conflict does not always mean a relationship is in trouble, that something is wrong with you or with the other person or that addressing a conflict needs to be unpleasant.

In this practical and comprehensive book, you will find …

5 Sure-Fire communication and conflict resolution skills for healthy relationships
51 Principles, real-life stories, case studies and insights to help you avoid mistakes and pitfalls in conflict resolution
A 28 – item questionnaire that identifies your communication and conflict resolution errors
A fascinating guide to identifying and managing manipulators
A Worldview Survey to help you communicate your beliefs and values to others
Self-regulation skills that will help you regain your composure if a conflict has knocked you off balance.
Practical advice for mending broken trust and healing damaged relationships

After using these skills in all your conflict situations – at home, at work and elsewhere – gaining ever more confidence and wisdom, you will be delighted at your outcomes. You will no longer feel the need to avoid relationship conflicts at times when they should be addressed.

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Thanks for reading!