Trust, Fear, Love

A distorted idea of love can lead people to make horribly bad decisions. In speaking to their counselors, clients present a wide variety of words and phrases to describe their problems. Among the endless stream of words, a… Read More


Nineteen years of experience, including fourteen years as therapist and Program Director at a treatment center for teens, have have provided me with knowledge and understanding of relationship problems. Foremost among those problems are the ever-present difficulties in… Read More

No Time? Really?

People come for therapy with all kinds of problems. They’re depressed or anxious and feel unmotivated to change. They have low energy, poor self-esteem or they’re bitter about having been hurt. They know they ought to get regular… Read More


Several years ago, long after texting had become the preferred way for some people to exchange words, some genius from some magazine wrote in praise of texting, saying, “At least people are communicating.” No kidding? Texting is communicating?… Read More

No More Chances

You’ve probably heard the joke,”Denial is not just a river in Egypt.” Consider a man – we’ll call him “the offender” – who has done something very wrong, it’s not the first time and he is outraged that… Read More

The Real You

He grew up, an only child, with his mother and father, Sam and Lorna, who had been through hell in World War II. Nearly every member of their families were slaughtered by Nazi criminals. That included Lorna’s parents,… Read More

Addicted to Thrills

During the 1950’s, juvenile delinquency was considered a major social problem. In a hit movie called “The Wild One”, starring Marlon Brando as a motorcycle gang leader, one older character called him and his pals, “thrill-seekers.” These days,… Read More

Too Late!

She: Do you love me? He: When we were married, I said I loved you. If I change my mind, I’ll let you know. “Ha! A waste of time. When it’s over, it’s over”, said the lady who… Read More

Focus & Listen

Have you ever had trouble communicating with another person? Can you read body language and can you empathize? Have you experienced misunderstandings? Do you have difficulty expressing yourself? If you’ve experienced any such things, how have they contributed… Read More

The Cost of Infidelity

Everyone is clued-in to the obvious costs of infidelity. Divorce, loss of reputation, money problems, etc. When children are involved, problems increase. When the extended family and friends find out, there’s more trouble. If the cheater is a… Read More