Conflict # 36 – Manipulation, part 2

Have you heard of the classic comic movie, “You Can’t Cheat An Honest Man”? The title is actually an old saying, and it’s generally true. Con artists, the ultimate manipulators, succeed by making their victims feel special or by making them believe they’re getting a ‘great deal’.

This won’t work against you, if you’re seeing things as they really are. When you don’t want something for nothing, and you’re comfortable in your own skin – that is, you don’t need anyone to tell you you’re special – the con artist will fail.

In reading my post, “Manipulation” you learned that manipulators use your tendency to react emotionally in order to control you, so that they get what they want at your expense. The emotional reactions I’m talking about are all related to fear.

When you suspect manipulation is taking place, ask yourself this: ‘Which one of my fear-based emotions is the manipulator using against me? Is it my anxiety, worry, guilt, shame, jealousy, vanity, envy, pride or greed’ … these are some common examples and you can certainly come up with others. If you’re not sure how these emotions are related to fear, please call me; I believe I can clear that up for you.

Now, taking this hard look in the mirror requires honesty. Fortunately, working with me, you are free to admit without fear of being judged that you can be selfish, jealous or envious, for example, and that someone is using that against you.

If you’ve been frustrated in having to deal with a manipulator, please give me a call at 219-309-3928. You might enjoy seeing how to turn the tables on the bad guy, and have fun doing it.

Thanks for reading!