Conflict # 39 – Carrot or Stick?

Shall we assume you’re interested in improving your conflict management skills? If so, and if you’re honest, you have already concluded that something about your behavior and attitude has to change. Right?

Good. Let’s go on, then.

Think about your childhood. You weren’t always an angel. When you were bad, mom or dad had to teach you to be good. Maybe they knew how to motivate you, sometimes, and maybe they didn’t know how, all the time.

Can you remember what helped you decide to be good? Was it the fear of punishment, the fear of disappointing your parents, the fear of losing something? Or was it the hope that, if you were good, you’d be rewarded?

How does this relate to improving your conflict management skills? It’s all about this thing we call motivation. Again, if you’re honest, you know something inside you has to change. Your ego, your stubbornness, your insistence on being right, your short fuse. The question is: What will motivate you to make the change? From what direction will the motivation come? Will it come from fear? Or from hope?

Knowing yourself in this way will help you take the first step in improving your handling of conflicts. If you’re not sure how this works, don’t be shy. Call me for a free consultation at 219-309-3928. I’d be more than glad to talk to you.

Thanks for reading!