Conflict # 64 – Perspective

In order to handle conflict effectively, we must be in a calm state of mind and body. 

That means we need to manage our own stresses, understand what triggers us to feel threatened, upset, unbalanced, and know how to restore balance so we can think clearly, respond with kindness and exercise common sense.

What makes this so hard is that, when we are stressed, we focus on one thing: our own safety, our feelings, our fears. We lose sight of the big picture. We lose the ability to feel for the other person or people. We can become insensitive and uncaring.

In other words, we lose perspective. It’s like tunnel vision. We only sense the current threat (real or imagined) and we forget what’s really important. Consequently, we make mountains out of molehills and we fight battles that don’t need to be fought.

A loss of perspective can happen to nearly everyone.  But it doesn’t have to be that way for the rest of your life.

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