Do the Work!

Today’s media bombards us with ads for products that claim to improve health, reduce weight, etc. One of those products is in the form of a capsule that allegedly contains all the daily requirements of vegetables and fruits. They claim their product solves a big problem: it’s impossible to eat all that real food in one day. The most heavily advertised weight loss program tells you that all you have to do is to eat their food and lose the weight. No meetings, no counting, no nothing. Just buy their food and eat it.

What is the underlying message in those ads, and in countless others? Listen to us! Trust us! It’s easy! You are not responsible. You don’t have to do anything, because we do it all for you! — In other words, no effort is required.

The next time you visit your doctor, ask him or her if it’s true that most patients want nothing more than a quick fix, usually a pill. What I’ve observed is that, even if that is the case, many of my clients who take medications for depression or anxiety cannot name the medication or the dosage.

Are we being programmed to believe that we need not participate in getting healthy and staying that way? Are we being coddled and babied and made weak by big business, for no reason other than to make us dependent on them?

In my therapy practice I emphasize a number of things that need to be in place in order for us to succeed, as we work together. One of those requirements is that my clients participate fully in pursuing their self-stated goals. Thus, when the client says something such as, “I just need the tools to communicate with my wife,” I comply. They receive those tools. In fact lots of them  appear in my book, YOU CAN WORK IT OUT! The link is on my home page.

The next critical point is, will they actually USE the tools? That is a different question. The client gets the tool she’s asking for – a new skill for communication, conflict resolution, self-control or stress management, etc. – but she may not apply it when it’s needed. This goes to other problems, too numerous to mention here.

There is usually a good reason that people do not put into practice the things they know they should. Fortunately, uncovering the reason may not be as hard as one would think. Similarly, there may be a logical explanation for not feeling motivated to put in the effort for personal improvement. Finding that explanation would require some exploration.

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