Dump Your Garbage

Suppose your home was filled with huge plastic bags and trash cans overflowing with garbage that had been building up throughout your life. Thinking about it now, you can imagine the stench. But if you were in that situation, as the years passed, you might have become nose-blind to it.

And suppose that one day you decided to cook a delicious meal. And you invited friends and family. They tried politely to decline. But you assured them that you’ve cleaned up (you have not) and that you’re going to give them a meal they’ll never forget.

And they come for dinner. Upon entering your home, they are hit smack in the face with a confusion of smells. Stinking moldy, rotten garbage, fried chicken and freshly baked apple pie. No matter how enticing the food smells, they can’t get past the unbearable stink of your garbage.

Many people go through life carrying their own kind of internal garbage; that is, the mental and emotional baggage that goes back for years. Memories of abuse, rejection, neglect or abandonment. For some people, the emotions and thoughts that are connected to these memories are triggered intensely and without warning. And when triggered, they can lead a person to act and speak in hurtful ways.

There’s a verse in the Bible that advises the following: before coming before God in order to pray, confess or ask for relief, make things right with someone that you have a beef with. In other words, if your house reeks of garbage, no amount of delicious aromas will cover them up.

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