Conflict Part 4 – Start Out Positive

There’s an old expression: “Well begun is half done.”

in a recent meeting between the U.S. President and a foreign Head of State, it was reported that the meeting was intended to address problems on which the two leaders agreed on some, but not all issues. As the talks began, they made a point of emphasizing the strong bond between the two countries, based on a long history of common goals and mutual support.

Rarely, if ever, do two people agree on all things. Conflicts are bound to occur, and, if we want to succeed, we must know how to handle them properly.

Before you try to resolve a problem with another person, begin with something positive. Find common ground and agreement before you start talking. You might say something like, “I’d like to get this resolved, wouldn’t you?” or, “This has been hard on all of us, hasn’t it?” or, “I’d like to work this out; would you help me?”

Whenever you begin with a harsh statement, you will fail. The other person will become defensive and the argument has already begun. A harsh beginning shows that anger or bitterness are in control for the moment. If it’s not going well, take a break, and try again when your emotions are no longer in charge.

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