Several years ago, long after texting had become the preferred way for some people to exchange words, some genius from some magazine wrote in praise of texting, saying, “At least people are communicating.”

No kidding? Texting is communicating? Maybe so. Maybe it depends on your definition of communication. It certainly does not match my definition.

It is a wonder to behold that some people can be so wrong. I once knew a teenager from a poor family in a bad neighborhood, whose main food source was Taco Bell. For her, if it wasn’t from Taco Bell, it wasn’t real food. She had no idea what truly nutritious food was like because she had never had a home-cooked meal. Maybe people who think that texting equals communication have never experienced actual communication with another human being. As a consequence, their standards are twisted.

However, nearly everyone I talk to knows that, while texting is good for sharing information, it’s not effective for self-expression and for handling relationship problems. And you know, the funny thing is that, even though they know this, they can’t stop texting their arguments and their personal stuff. They know it makes things worse, but they don’t stop. How is this possible? How can people continue to shoot themselves in the foot like this? 

If you have any ideas about why people keep on doing these self-destructive behaviors, I would greatly appreciate your reaching out to me. The phone number: 219-309-3928.

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