Conflict # 48 – Prevention

Group-against-group conflicts have existed throughout history. They are imprinted onto our world, as a color-fast dye becomes a permanent part of a fabric. Some have been resolved, but, as mentioned in a recent article, other conflicts appear impossible to solve.

One vivid example is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In trying to solve the problem, decade after decade, many of the smartest and most powerful world leaders have been stumped.

Back in the 1980’s a book was written by a famous international lawyer named Samuel Pisar. It proposed the idea that such conflicts are less likely to occur when the parties do business with each other. In fact that idea has been proved to hold true, according to accounts of real people from the Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians who lived together for many years, side by side, in peace. They cooperated as neighbors. Their kids went to school together. And how did this work? It was because their livelihoods were intertwined. They needed each other in order to make a living. They came to trust and respect one another.

When you have developed a relationship that includes trust and respect based on common interests and goals, conflict is a distant thought.

Please don’t misunderstand. If you’re having conflict with friends or family, I’m not recommending you go into business with them. Family businesses – and doing business with friends – can be fraught with peril.

But think about the idea that conflict is less likely to develop when two parties mutually and equally need each other, and neither is more powerful. Could this idea apply to a personal conflict? You and your spouse or a relative or friend? I say yes.

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